the connection between Urgant’s heirs and Rotaru is no longer a secret

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The TV presenter’s daughter and the singer’s granddaughter study at the same college.

Many celebrities do not mind their children living abroad. Famous TV presenter Ivan Urgant and popular singer Sofia Rotaru can be cited as examples. It turned out that their heiresses met in America, where they moved to permanent residence.

It turned out that Urgant’s stepdaughter, 21-year-old Erika Kiknadze, is studying at the same college with the singer’s granddaughter, 20-year-old Sofia Evdokimenko. In New York, the showman’s daughter decided to build a career as a stylist. It is also known that she sells clothes that were fashionable in the nineties.

As for Rotaru’s relative, she positions herself as a singer, model and future designer. According to the publication “Komsomol truth“, Sonya has established a personal life. She is meeting with Denis Zhadanov, who is the vice president of a mobile application development company.

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