The coin was shy of a house bought for 18 million

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The singer bought a house in Krasnaya Polyana.

The coin added to the ranks of celebrities who built or bought houses in Sochi. A few years ago, the property cost the artist 18 million rubles, but she had to invest extra in repairing the mansion.

“The neighbors have luxurious log houses, and mine was one such funny little fool,” admitted Monetochka.

He and his father engaged in reconstruction: demolished the walls, changed the cladding and replaced the roof. It was on Krasnaya Polyana that the singer found peace and inspiration to create new music. In the Moscow apartment, according to Monetochka, she quickly developed depression, reports “Komsomol truth».

Not so long ago, the singer had another reason for stress: unknown people published her contacts and address on the Internet. For her own safety, Monetochka decided to sell the living space and move to another place as soon as possible.

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