The Children’s Book Center prepares series of entertaining lessons for schoolchildren

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Entertaining lessons in Russian and classes on the ecology of the native land are prepared for children at the Novgorod Children’s Book Center. They are conducted by the Center’s chief bibliographer Tatiana Gavrilova.

Cycles consist of several lessons. The first lesson of the cycle “Here is my land, my source, my road« “has already taken place. In January, fifth-graders visited it. The guys talked about Lake Ilmen, about the trade route through it. They learned about Lake Valdai, about radon lake in Gorki, Solets district. We got acquainted with the legends about the lakes, with the stories of their names, about the inhabitants of the reservoirs.

“I myself am very fond of studying my native land, Novgorod. This topic is close to me, and I think that if we remind the children about our region once again, it will be interesting for everyone, ”Tatiana Alexandrovna shared.

In entertaining Russian language lessons, children will learn how to speak and write correctly. Two classes will be devoted to reference literature – dictionaries and encyclopedias. The children will hear what Dal, Ozhegov, Ushakov are famous for, work with a spelling dictionary, find out how to use encyclopedias and where encyclopedic knowledge will be useful.

The first entertaining lesson in Russian has already taken place. The next one is scheduled for February – if the epidemiological situation allows. The program of the cycle “What do we write? How do we talk? ” is diverse and built to interest children. According to Tatiana Gavrilova, one of the brightest and most interactive lessons will be devoted to cryptography. The guys will solve puzzles and charades, get acquainted with the Morse code, with the signal alphabet. They will talk about Conan Doyle’s story “Dancing Men” and try to decipher the word, encrypted by the method described in the story.

And, for example, the Day of the handwriting is planned for September.

“I will ask the guys to write a letter. In the old days, we all wrote letters to each other. We went to the post office, bought an envelope, put letters and sent. SMS can be erased and forgotten, and letters are stored for centuries. I will also tell you about military letters – triangles, which are still preserved, “Tatiana Alexandrovna shared her plans.

Teachers from school № 34, which houses the Children’s Book Center, as well as the nearest school № 33, are already interested in the lessons. However, they will be happy to cooperate with other educational organizations.

We will add, the Center of the children’s book – the innovative, experimental institution of culture created on the basis of comprehensive school №34 and MBUK “Biblionika”.

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