the children puzzled Pugachev with just one question

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According to the Prima Donna, there was no drama.

The growing children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are already confusing the star’s parents with difficult questions. The singer said that she did not want to give an answer to one of them, especially dramatic.

“They asked how many days we had left to live,” Alla Borisovna shared.

Lisa tried to reassure her mother and explained that she meant living in a castle and moving. Pugacheva laughed, but noted that you just have to live, not count the days.

“And if I start counting on you, it will be very unpleasant,” the singer joked.

Lisa and Harry’s question asked Maxim a beating, which made him happy that he had the support of his wife. The humorist noted that although initially he was more interested in children, Alla Borisovna proved to be the best educator.

“I learned a lot from her: how to behave with children, how to tell them what to give them,” Galkin told Irina Shikhman for the show.And talk?».

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