The brightest performances of the participants of “Musical Intuition”

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“Musical Intuition” returns to the TNT TV channel – a detective and entertainment show with Azamat Musagalievwhere stars from the world of music and humor are trying to guess which of the ten strangers can sing, and who skillfully pretends.

In the second season, which starts on February 26, talented vocalists will have a chance to perform on the federal air not only covers of famous hits, but also their own songs. The first season gave a lot of bright performances, the heroes of which are worthy of a solo career on the big music stage. By the way, the guest of the second season will be the singer Natalia Oreiro.

In anticipation of the return of “Musical Intuition” on the air, we recall the most memorable performances of the participants of the show.

Gangsta-rap in opera performanceнии

The participant of the second issue of “Musical Intuition” named Lesya from the very beginning intrigued the players with a mysterious description, in which it was said that she learned to sing an animal.

As a result, Alexei Chumakov’s team risked choosing a girl and did not lose: she was not just a talented vocalist, but a professional opera singer.

Lesya works in musicals and dramatic performances. And her unexpected performance of the track TimatiEgor Creed and Jigan Rolls Royce was one of the highlights of the first season.

Gangsta rap in an opera style shocked everyone, and after Lesya’s performance Alexey ChumakovEugene Chebatkov and Denis Dorokhov came to hug and kiss the singer, who brought their team 70 thousand rubles.

Morgenstern fan with Lazarev’s song

The profile of 11-year-old schoolboy Shamil said that he loves listening to Morgenstern, but he has such an opportunity only when his mother goes to work.

And as soon as the key is inserted into the keyhole, the guy has to turn on Tchaikovsky, because his mother teaches her son music from an early age.

Sergei Lazarev’s team came to the conclusion that these lessons should not have been in vain, and this assumption turned out to be true. The youngest participant of “Musical Intuition” lit up the stage so that he himself Sergey Lazarev knelt before him with the words “Even I do not sing.” This is a success!

Italian shot in the heart

Maria’s appearance made it difficult to tell if she could sing or just pretend. The description also did not add specifics: it was said that the girl loves to travel and write songs during the takeoff.

Lazarev’s team was not sure of the choice until the last minute, and the button was eventually entrusted Ilya Sobolev. And this decision turned out to be fateful.

Maria not only brought the team 70 thousand rubles, but also literally melted the hearts of all fans of the show, who still dream of seeing the girl on the big stage and reviewing her penetrating Adagio.

The most correct “Medlyachok”

As it turned out, it is not necessary to be able to sing beautifully to win the hearts of star performers and fans of the show. This is proved time and time again by the participants of “Musical Intuition”, who come to the program without hearing or voice, but with great enthusiasm. Although Maxim did not even have the desire – his wife convinced him to come to the project.

Basta’s team watched the guy for a long time, and eventually chose him as a partner for Vasily Vakulenko in the final duo. As it turned out, Maxim can’t sing at all, but that didn’t stop him from performing “Medlyachok” the way it is sung all over the country: very emotionally and literally to the breaking point, albeit past the notes. Basta was delighted and said that he wrote this song for any performance.

Oil vocalist

Faiza is a student at the University of Oil and Gas, who is currently earning money by tutoring. And I could well sing on the big stage! Timur Rodriguez’s team chose a girl for the final duo, and the intrigue was colossal: if Faiza could not sing, the team of Alexander Revva would have won the show.

But the girl brilliantly performed Rodriguez’s hit “It’s Easier Without You” and thus helped his team win. And all without exception, the star, hearing the vocals of Faiza, instantly jumped up from their seats to support the young singer – it was so incendiary.

Textile and pleasure supplier

Kirill’s profile was as bright as possible, because he played sports, is connected with art, and looks ultra-stylish. That’s just about the vocals there was not a word. So they decided to test the guy in the “Silhouettes” round to see how he was moving.

However, this did not diminish the intrigue. As a result, Elka’s team decided to bet on the courier, hoping that he could deliver not only clothes, but also vocal pleasure. And so it turned out! The performance of Shura’s song “Don’t Believe in Tears” turned out to be no less vivid than one could imagine.

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