“The Boy at Nine” and 6 more songs performed by Russians, which sounded in world cinema

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Russian-speaking fans of the popular British TV series “Killing Eve” were shocked and surprised when they heard their native language in the new series of the fourth season. In the frame, one of the heroes of the picture danced to the well-known track “Boy on the Nine” on “Ticket”, which is performed by the soloist of the Russian rave project Dead Blonde.

But is this the first time that our songs have been played in world TV series and movies? Of course not. Gathered a small selection, when the tracks performed by Russians sounded in the background in foreign paintings, and you could miss.

Little Big has been unofficially recognized as the winner of Eurovision 2020 on the Internet. The St. Petersburg rave band was supposed to go to a music competition with their now viral song Uno, but the coronavirus erupted. Despite the pandemic, Little Big managed to make a name for itself that year. For example, the guys recorded a cover version Gonna Make You Sweat especially for the second part of the comedy film “Borat”. And the Spanish TV series “Valeria” borrowed another popular track of the group. Under Skibidi, the main characters had a bed scene.

Just read the title of the song MiMiMi, as it is already beginning to spin in my head. This track by the Russian band Serebro was very popular with people in Europe and America. So much so that in the film “Spy” in 2015, the composition was set against the background of one of the parties, where the main characters were played by Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Jason Statham. While the characters are talking about their own, in the background you can hear the familiar MiMiMi. Another track became the official sound to the comedy film “Home Video: Adults Only” starring Cameron Diaz.

TV series “Real Ghouls” and the trailer for “Leningrad

In 2019, an American remake of the comedy series about vampires called “What we do in the shadows” was released. Then attentive Russian-speaking viewers immediately heard familiar notes. And they were right. Indeed, it sounded in the trailer for the first season composition “Swallow” by the group “Leningrad”.

The artist twice represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest – in 2016 and in 2019. After those performances, Sergei Lazarev was very much loved abroad. But few remember that the singer was popular abroad back in 2010. When the third part of the saga “The Chronicles of Narnia” was being prepared for release, it was Lazarev who was offered to perform the main soundtrack to the film. The Russian celebrity even went to London to shoot a video for the song lnstantly.

Popular TV series “Gossip Girl” and cover of the group “Tattoo”

The band “Tatu” was recognized and loved all over the world so much that the girls even had to record a cover album entirely in English. And for good reason! The popularity of the extravagant Russian women’s band was so great that even in the sensational series “Gossip Girl” you can hear familiar voices. And although in the episode of the second season of “Gossip Girl” Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina sing in English, they are easily recognized by every fan. The girls then performed the cover song How Soon Is Now by The Smiths.

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