The box office gross of “Morbius” has exceeded $ 100 million

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Morbius, a Marvel anti-hero film made by Sony, grossed more than $ 100 million in international box office on Thursday, April 7, 2022, according to data provided by Sony itself. This was achieved after numerous negative reviews in the press.

Morbius reached $ 102.7 million, splitting $ 46.9 million in the United States and $ 55.8 million internationally. This is not a bad result, far from bad, but it is obvious that it cannot be compared to the $ 260 million raised in the second weekend of “No Way Home”. Obviously, this is the third part of a more famous character, who can also count on strong ties with KVM. Morbius is not so famous, so the result achieved so far is still significant.

First of all, the film was not helped by negative reviews in the relevant press, which sharply criticized it. The audience, as expected, gave more neutral assessments. The same thing happened with the film “Vienna” and its direct sequel, which brought much more income. However, again, this is a more famous character.

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