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TOP-10 fiction books for the first half of the year according to the version of “Read the city”.

“Books have become my pass to personal freedom,” says Oprah Winfrey, founder of one of the world’s most popular book clubs. Today, among many limitations, such an omission is more important than ever. You don’t need a QR code to enjoy reading and meeting a new book. Experts of the book network tell about the reader preferences of the first half of 2021 “Read the city”.

George Orwell’s book remains the undisputed leader in retail sales in the Fiction section “1984”– The famous anti-utopia novel ranks first in the rankings. In second place – a bright representative of the genre of young adult * Nora Sakavich “Foxhole”. This is a story about an unlucky team of players in a fictional game of exi, similar to field hockey. The book became a real phenomenon on the Internet long before the release of the printed version.

Third place went to Aldous Huxley and him “A wonderful new world”. This connection has become commonplace for many – because where there is Orwell, there is almost always Huxley, and vice versa. And if everything here seems clear, then the fourth place – “Echelon to Samarkand”Guzeli Yakhina – pleasantly surprised and says that we are concerned not only about anti-utopias, but also the ambiguous events of our history.

Frederick Buckman and him “Anxious people”close the top five book leaders. Interaction in isolation, a high degree of tension and reflection – the picture is so familiar today that it could not help but find a response from the reader. The effect of presence does not let go in a detective novel “Inside the killer”, sixth position in the top. The book tells the story of a female profiler who is able to recreate the image of a criminal from a small number of pieces of evidence. Attention to detail, forensic issues, interesting characters and, of course, the personal drama of the heroine – all this left readers no chance of boredom and caused a wave of discussions on the Internet.


Classic works are still popular, about which, it would seem, everything has been said. Seventh line in the ranking – “Portrait of Dorian Gray”. Oscar Wilde’s charismatic and controversial characters have fascinated readers for over a hundred years. Representatives of the young adult genre are finishing the TOP-10 of fiction again – “Six Crows”Lee Bardugo and “Synonyms”Medina Mirai – eighth and ninth place respectively. The final line of the rating was occupied by the immortal novel “Master and Margarita”– for many years the interest around him has not faded, and the 130th anniversary of Bulgakov this year and the upcoming film adaptation, of course, provided the book with even more attention.

All of these books raise important topics and talk about a variety of preferences. Here are the classics, and fantasy, and the historical context, and social issues. And where is the pass to personal freedom? The answer to this question is for everyone. Some find it in thrills, some, living the fate of complex characters, trying to answer exciting questions. Raised on melancholic Russian classics, we probably can’t be different. Perhaps the freedom not to choose the easy and kick the wedge with a wedge is just about our reader. And what do you read?

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