The book “Russian Trouble” has been published – based on archival records of Radio Liberty

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Moscow publishing house AST and the Russian service of Radio Liberty prepared and released a collection “Russian Disaster”, composed of memories of Russian emigrants who survived both the revolutions of 1917 and the Civil War.

These memories were recorded on tape in the 1960s by Radio Svoboda staff for a series of programs dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the fateful events in Russia. However, only a small part of the recordings went on the air at that time. Full versions of the conversations were sent half a century ago to New York, to the archives of Columbia University, but disappeared from there. After years of searching, Svoboda journalist Ivan Tolstoy found old tape reels in a private archive.

A small part of the historical conversations is now in the collection – the memoirs of artist Yuri Annenkov, poet Georgy Adamovich, actress Ekaterina Roshchina-Insarova, Secretary of the Constituent Assembly Mark Vishnyak, pilot Boris Sergievsky, children Peter Stolypin and Alexander Kerensky and others. The book, prepared by Ivan Tolstoy, contains biographies of memoirists, documentary photographs and a chronicle of dramatic events.

“Russian Disaster” is the second archival volume published in recent years by the Russian service of Radio Liberty. The first book in 2019 was a collection of radio programs “The feast of Peter Weil“, published by Corpus.

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