The book of the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine about Biden – the Society was presented in Brussels

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KIEV, May 25. / TASS /. A book by former Ukrainian Attorney General Viktor Shokin entitled “Uninvented Stories of Joe Biden’s International Corruption in Ukraine, or Who Can’t Be President of the United States” was presented at the Brussels Euroquarter press center on Tuesday. This was announced by the organizer of the presentation, Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Vasilets.

“I present to your attention the presentation of the book of the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine 2015-2016 Viktor Shokin entitled” Uninvented stories of international corruption of Joe Biden in Ukraine, or who can not be president of the United States “about the facts of international corruption and schemes of robbing the Ukrainian people,” he wrote. in Facebook and posted a video of the presentation.

According to the journalist, this is “a book about corruption crimes committed by US and Ukrainian politicians.” “A number of documents presented in the book are published for the first time and directly testify to the facts of international corruption and the blocking of investigations of corruption crimes in Ukraine at the highest level,” Vasilets said during the presentation.

In particular, he stressed, we are talking about the activities of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, whose board of directors from 2014 to 2019 included the son of Joe Biden Hunter. “The book describes in great detail how the scheme of international corruption works, specifically on the example of Burisma,” he said. and it is necessary to include in the board of directors respected people with high-profile names who will simply be counted in positions and receive multimillion salaries, and for this they are provided with cover-up and blocking criminal cases against the company. “

Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma in 2014, and his father in 2016, as Vice President of the United States, called for the dismissal of Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin, who began an investigation into the activities of this company. On February 26, 2020, a criminal case was opened in Ukraine for possible interference by Biden in Shokin’s work as prosecutor general, but it was soon closed. Shokin himself stated that the case was closed illegally.

During the presidential campaign in the United States, the American Democratic Party reported that incumbent President Donald Trump accused then-President Trump of trying to pressure Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to reopen criminal cases against Burisma. However, this was not done.

Attempt to poison Shokin

In January 2020, Shokin stated that he had been tried for mercury poisoning in Greece and did not rule out the involvement of former US Vice President Joe Biden. According to the former prosecutor general, he had two heart attacks, but doctors managed to save him. Shokin linked the attempted poisoning to an investigation into Burisma’s activities. In this case, he turned to the Greek law enforcement agencies.

During the presidential campaign in the United States, the former Attorney General of Ukraine stated that he feared for his fate after Biden’s victory in the election. According to Shokin, Biden may take revenge on him for investigating his son Hunter’s activities in Ukraine.

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