The book about Ivan Shlyakhtin will be published in the anniversary year of his birth

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Today, April 10, 2022, Ivan Ivanovich Shlyakhtin, an outstanding figure of domestic television and radio, honored cultural worker of the Russian Federation, holder of the Orders of Honor and Friendship, the first and only president of the Stavropol State Television and Radio Company, would be 80 years old.

On the eve of the anniversary, on Friday, April 8, at the Stavropol State Television and Radio Company memorable events took place near the board at the facade of the building on Dzerzhinsky and in the press center.

Ivan Shlyakhtin’s creative path is connected not only with the development of television journalism in Stavropol, the television and radio company has left a noticeable mark in the media industry in Russia. He was the initiator of the Stavropol studio. We will remind that since 60th years of the last century the main TV and radio broadcasting center was located in Pyatigorsk.

Vladimir Vysotsky at the studio in Pyatigorsk

A book dedicated to his memory, which his daughter is currently working on, is being prepared for publication Anastasia and editor Larisa ProzorovaHonored Worker of GTRK “Stavropol”, twice winner of the Herman Lopatin Prize.

Ivan Shlyakhtin with his daughter Anastasia.

This book will include numerous stories about Ivan Ivanovich and interviews conducted by Anastasia Shlyakhtina with his colleagues, friends and relatives. Thanks to the memories of various people, it was possible to create a vivid, almost tangible image of this man who left a good mark on earth, it became possible to come into contact with many facts of his nobility, love for the cause he selflessly served. Reading this book will allow you to hear the live speech of Ivan Ivanovich, feel the wisdom of his thoughts and the power of arguments, the beating of his caring heart, understand how great he contributed to the development of domestic television and radio, how many people charged with their creative energy.

We offer readers excerpts from the book.

Vladimir VladimirovGovernor of the Stavropol Territory:

“For Ivan Ivanovich Shlyakhtin, the concept of loving one’s territory, loving one’s homeland was the motto. And the television he created became one of the best in Russia, the best in the south of Russia. It was the ancestors, to whom Ivan Ivanovich Shlyakhtin belongs, who laid down the ideology of statehood and development.

I would like to wish everyone that the aspirations of the people through whom we live and work today germinate and live in us. Many thanks again to the pioneers, to whose glorious cohort Ivan Ivanovich Shlyakhtin belongs. “

Rifat SabitovDeputy General Director – Head of the Regional Department of VGTRK:

“Ivan Ivanovich and I have been friends for more than twenty years. He is my colleague, close friend, senior friend. He is an amazing man, with a wide soul, who loved life, people and his profession. A man who has done a lot, without exaggeration, for the development of television and radio broadcasting in the country and in the Stavropol Territory. A man of unbridled energy, constantly inventing something, constantly creating. The building, which now houses the Stavropol State Television and Radio Company, was built according to his project from scratch. Construction began in 1992. It was a heavy long-term construction, it was difficult with financing, with permits. In 2012, we put the building into operation. This is also a monument to our dear friend Ivan Shlyakhtin.

Everything that was laid down by him – and the creation of cycle programs, and documentaries, and the way to present news about the country, the region – is now inscribed in the textbooks that our young journalists study. “

Mikhail Tkachevdirector of GTRK “Stavropol” since 2018:

“Ivan Ivanovich Shlyakhtin is a unique man. Unfortunately, I did not know him personally, did not have time to meet him. I know about him from the stories of people whom I respect very much in my profession and work.

In 2000, I came to work at the Nizhny Novgorod State Television and Radio Company. The director of the company Mikhail Groshev often gathered us in his office for various discussions. And at one of the plans, when discussing the issue concerning many branches of VGTRK, he uttered a phrase that really “hooked” me: “Now we need to call the president.” He dialed the number, talked and said: “I consulted with Ivan Ivanovich Shlyakhtin.” He later explained that in the system of branches of VGTRK, then still independent subsidiaries, there are very respected chairmen of the company, but only one president, with whom you can always solve the most important issue. That’s when I first heard about Ivan Ivanovich. “

Russian Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov at a studio in Stavropol

Ajdaut IbragimovDeputy Director of GTRK “Stavropol”:

“Ivan Ivanovich had to work, lead a large, complex creative team in very difficult perestroika, critical times, when the old was broken, destroyed, introduced, planted new, not always accepted by people, when poverty was common, workers did not receive a salary for months… one from which the hands could fall. They did not fall for Ivan Shlyakhtin! Together with his colleagues and colleagues, he continued to speak honestly and objectively on the air about everything that was happening in his native land, and supported his compatriots in the most difficult days. He persevered, endured, recovered, won! ”

Mikhail KuzminDeputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation:

“In the early 1990s, a whole delegation of high-ranking officials left Stavropol for Moscow. In order to save money, we traveled by train. Ivan Shlyakhtin represented regional journalism in this delegation, and I was the mayor of Stavropol at that time.

We were given a trailer car to take the whole team to Moscow to save money, to solve everyone’s pressing issues. Ivan Ivanovich sang well. “Walking on the Don” is a favorite song. We probably sang it fifty times. Already at night, when we sang, ate, and talked about everything, we had a good meeting car, everyone went to rest, and Ivan Ivanovich went to the vestibule and alone, looking at the vastness of our Russia, sang the song “Walking on the Don.” It was, of course, very cool. “

Yuri Gontarl, Chairman of the Stavropol Territory Duma Committee on Cossacks, Security, Inter-Parliamentary Relations and Public Associations:

“Ivan Ivanovich Shlyakhtin was too open, frank. I often remember him, simply, for no reason. And, apparently, this is because he was, indeed, such a bright man. He was a great, state-minded man, about whom we can say in the words of the poet: “Covering the whole earth at once, he saw what is hidden in time.” And he is a great, great friend. “

Victor GoncharovFirst Deputy Chairman of the Duma of the Stavropol Territory:

“I just want to say: a professional, a patriot of the Stavropol Territory and Russia, a statesman – that’s all Ivan Ivanovich with his active position in life, with his open mind in resolving issues. I am grateful to him for our good friendly relations, although these friendly relations sometimes turned into debates not only in the offices and at home, but also in the mountains, in Arkhyz, which he loved very much. “

Aslanbek KerashevDirector of Volgograd-TRV, Chairman of the Board of Regional Leaders of VGTRK, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation:

“He always worked for the result. His farm was large and, like everything, often conservative. In addition to the traditional TV studio in Pyatigorsk, Ivan had to create television from scratch in Stavropol – the regional center… Shlyakhtin – it was also a standard of accuracy, I would say internal cleanliness. It was in everything. Order and cleanliness in the premises of GTRK, everything is shiny and well-groomed. He himself is always dressed, as they say, with a needle. He loved life very much and felt its beauty, to such an extent that he sometimes became sentimental. He is one of those who knew how to rejoice in success, not his own – his loved ones. “.

Valery Zerenkovthe first chairman of the State Duma of the Stavropol Territory, ex-governor of the Stavropol Territory:

“The difficult nineties of the last century, when there was almost no legislation, when the stereotypes of socialism were broken, and they were replaced by new trends in democracy, Ivan Ivanovich Shlyakhtin was able to find a fine line between two worlds through kindness and beauty, which became a catalyst for society. not only to TV screens, but also to each other. I was struck by his confidence and professionalism when he broadcast his first reports from the site of the tragedy in Budennovsk, skillfully led a team of journalists working there at this terrible time for the whole country, risking their lives.

He did not seek glory. He was just a Professional and a Man. So that even after many years, it is difficult to talk about it – “was” «”

Grigory Taranenkoformer director of the creative association “Screen” (“Soyuztelefilm”), former first deputy chairman of Gosteleradio of the Ukrainian SSR, screenwriter:

“Ivan Ivanovich Shlyakhtin was a person so close to me, with whom I shared thoughts about life, deeds, that no one was closer. I keep the memory of this man as the most important thing in my life. How Ivan talked about life, how he made this life – all this was very noticeable!

Without being afraid of these words, I will say that the entire staff of Gosteleradio Russia considered him an example and very often, when, say, an event, everyone asked: “Will Ivan Ivanovich be?”

Tatiana Kikheleditor-in-chief of the Pyatigorsk TV studio from 1989 to 2009:

“The most important thing, in my opinion, is what was marked on the air during the work of Ivan Ivanovich – progress in news and information programs. He began to recruit young journalists with higher education, talented and with their own view of the world and creativity. Ambiguous personalities are rare on provincial television. Many creative people came with Ivan Ivanovich.

For a long time, telethonies were held together with the regional branch of the Russian Children’s Fund, which raised funds for orphanages, families in difficult life situations, for those in need, who needed real help. And many awards were showered at the All-Russian Television Festivals… The most important thing is that people went to work with great pleasure. And many now, summing up their work, say: “It was happiness.”

Vladimir Grigoryanpoet, composer, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia:

“Ivan Ivanovich Shlyakhtin is one of the most wonderful people I have met in my life. It is difficult to talk about such bright personalities as Ivan Ivanovich in the past. He was such a cheerful, energetic, bright man. He continues to live in my memories as if he had not left this world. He reminds me of himself every time we talk about friendship, nobility, justice, the fate of the country. He has settled in my heart once and for all, and I will never forget him. “

Valery KutsVGTRK’s own correspondent for the North Caucasus from 1994 to 2009:

“In the most difficult times of perestroika, Shlyakhtin showed the most powerful diplomatic talents. He was able to talk both with the janitor and the driver in the company, and with the first persons in power.

On regional television, he made the federal level. In my memory he is a huge, strong, always smiling man. And when Ivan Ivanovich was there, we were always ho-ro-sho. We knew that a master had come who would put things in order and not offend you. “

Ivan Ivanovich ran a guest radio and radio company in Stavropol for 18 years. You can remember him see in the program “How it was”.

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