The book about helicopter detachments “LisaAlert” won the main prize of the award “LitRes”

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The book “Notes of a Night Angel”, written by a rescue helicopter pilot, volunteer of the “Angel” detachment and instructor of the Russian Red Cross Edward Skye, won the main prize of the literary prize “Electronic Letter” established by the electronic and audiobook service “LitRes”. This was reported by the organizers of the “Daily Poster”.

The author spoke about the search and rescue operations of the “Angel” and “LisaAlert” detachments, in which he took part. “Notes of a Night Angel” also received the “Readers’ Choice” award from the LiveLib book portal.

The jury named the speaker and reader Svetlana Shakleina “Voice of the Year”. According to the organizers of the award, its directions are love and fantasy novels, classic works and non-fiction.

Both winners will receive 250,000 rubles each from LitRes and promotion in all services of the group of companies, including MyBook and Samizdat.

Ulyana Soboleva’s book “Podonok” was awarded the Bestseller Prize among works of art. Alexander Nakul received a special award in the “Unreal Reality” category for his work “Celestine”. The author of “The most ambiguous finale” was Yulia Efimova with the novel “The Lost Legacy of the Templar”.

The jury consisted of writer Alexander Tsypkin, writer Daria Dontsova, Russian Booker laureate novelist Alexander Snegirev, TV presenter Denis Kataev, actor Sergei Chonishvili, TV and radio presenters Olga Shelest and Kirill Radzig, Actor’s film project: , Albert Ibragimov.

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