“The best thing that could happen on TV”: Rostov social networks reacted to the closure of Elena Malysheva’s program

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Rostov region, April 1, 2022. DON24.RU. The experience of Don public figures in the development of agro-volunteering will be spread throughout Russia. The pilot implementation of the #Good Garden campaign began in the mining areas of the Rostov region in 2020. More than 100 people received assistance under it – senior citizens, large families and parents raising children with disabilities. This was reported by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation (OP RF).

“#Good garden is not just a volunteer and charity event, which, of course, is extremely important and necessary. The task of the action is to organize the transfer of knowledge and technologies in the field of horticulture and horticulture, available to educational, scientific organizations and businesses, low-income gardeners and gardeners. For senior citizens, gardening and horticulture is a motivating factor for active longevity, and for large families and families in difficult life situations – an opportunity to form new social ties, get support from local communities, “said the First Deputy Chairman of the Commission for Territorial Development and Leonid Shafirov to the local self-government of the Russian Federation.

You can join the implementation of the #Good Garden project at site.

As part of the campaign, the All-Russian Association of Honorary Citizens, Mentors and Talented Youth and ANO “Scientific Center for Socio-Economic Development of Small Towns and Rural Settlements” offer participants not one-time assistance, but the formation of useful skills, support and the opportunity to replenish the family budget. The relevance of this approach was confirmed during the expert session of the OP of the Russian Federation “Urban Horticulture and Horticulture: Best Practices, Barriers and Prospects.”

A number of competitions are planned for project participants:

  • All-Russian – to receive mini-grants for the implementation of social agro-volunteer projects (grant funds can be used to purchase planting material, equipment and fertilizers, as well as compensation for volunteers’ travel to country and homesteads of socially vulnerable citizens),
  • for assistants in gardening and horticultural work (all volunteers who help their wards to carry out work on homestead plots can participate),
  • for journalists and bloggers – for the best publications on the secrets of successful gardening and horticulture,
  • weekly – for the best useful advice for farmers.

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