The best music from the movies: songs from the movies “Sing 2”, “Licorice Pizza” and others

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Paraphrasing the title of his favorite film, famous for the greatest of soundtracks, the author of the eponymous telegram channel Once a month Sergei Stepanov talks about music in new films and series. In review of the soundtracks of January and December – Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Finneas, Jarvis Cocker, “The Tragedy of Macbeth” and – finally! “Summer Soul.”

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Various Artists «Summer of Soul (… Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)»

One of the best documentaries of last year and the Oscar favorite in the relevant category finally got the official soundtrack. So far – only in digital format and on CD, which is unlikely to please the director of “Summer Soul” and one of the main collectors of vinyl on the planet, drummer The Roots Questlav, but for starters, the soundtrack producers have managed to clear the rights to many of the sound in the movie songs. Many, but not all: let’s say Stevie Wonder’s name is missing from the final tracklist.

However, the names that are there are more than enough: BBC King, Gladys Knight, Sly and the Family Stone, The 5th Dimension, the canonical duo of Mahalia Jackson and Mavis Staples – and two songs by the great Nina Simone as the final chord. It’s not as powerful as a movie, but the soundtrack gives a basic idea of ​​”Black Woodstock” – a grand festival held in Harlem in the summer of 1969, only thanks to the efforts of Questlav. Its release on vinyl is promised in June.

Finneas O’Connell “The Fallout”

Unnoticed – and immediately online – debuted one of the best feature films of 2021, which won the Grand Prix of last year’s South by Southwest film festival teen drama about the consequences of the school tragedy. Canadian actress Megan Park’s feature debut was a reunion with old acquaintances: she starred with film star Jenna Ortega in “Virgin” and met composer Finneas with one of her sister’s first (Watch) music videos.

More than O’Connell, “The Consequences” is praised only for the phenomenal Ortega, which is not surprising: his electronic-piano, deliberately under-produced soundtrack is unmistakably nerve-wracking in the focus of the film’s generation. In addition to Finneas’ music, the album includes tracks by Perfume Genius and another Canadian, hereditary singer and Nashville star Macy Stella.

Carter Berwell “The Tragedy of Macbeth”

It’s hard to believe that the collaboration between the Cohen brothers and their favorite composer, which lasted for almost 40 years, was crowned with zero Oscar nominations – even the brilliant music for “Fargo”, which in every way perished during the four seasons of the show, remained . Here is the “Macbeth Tragedy”, seen in the Oscar shortlist of the 15 best soundtracks of the last 10 months, past the final five, alas, missed.

It’s a pity: in Joel Cohen’s solo directorial debut, Berwell, as usual, is on top. This is duly gloomy and successfully avoids the majesty of standard for historical drama majesty – this is probably how the soundtrack he composed “Lie for a day in Bruges” could sound, if there were no jokes. Bonus – Shakespearean monologues performed by Hollywood titans Denzel Washington and Francis McDormand.

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Macbeth’s Tragedy: Denzel Washington and Francis McDormand are living statues for Cohen’s brother

Macbeth’s Tragedy: Denzel Washington and Francis McDormand are living statues for Cohen’s brother

Nicholas Brittell “Don’t Look Up”

Instead of Berwell, one of the most popular composers of recent years was among the five Oscar nominees with music that is passable by his standards and a film that is passable by any standards. Who should be nominated for an Oscar is Ariana Grande with Kid Kadi and the song “Just Look Up”, which is well included in the plot of the film, but where. Be that as it may, Brittell reaffirmed his stylistic flexibility by co-writing both original songs for “Don’t Look Up”, “Don’t Look Up” and the sung Bon Iver “Second Nature”.

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Triple Oscar Session: “Don’t Look Up” with Leo, “Being Ricardo”, “The Power of a Dog”

Triple Oscar Session: “Don’t Look Up” with Leo, “Being Ricardo”, “The Power of a Dog”

Various Artists «Sing 2»

The soundtrack to the animated jukebox-musical with Bono in the role of the king of beasts (he is a retired rock star) was about to be released three months ago. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads Will Roll” and Scarlett Johansson’s “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” were the cutest, and the worst was “A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay from Theron Edgerton’s missed song. The behind-the-scenes originals – Elton John, Billy Isle and, scary, Mercury Rev – are not included in the soundtrack.


Jarvis Cocker “This House Is…”

Strictly speaking, the full-length soundtrack was released in January and the animated – albeit addressed mainly to adults – anthology Netflix. But the twice-Oscar-winning Gustavo Santaolalai (“Humpback Mountain,” “Babylon,” and both parts of “The Last Of Us”) is a three-volume book, 38 tracks, 68 minutes, and it’s like an amateur. But the new song voiced by one of the characters Jarvis (for whom this second – after “The incomparable Mr. Fox” – a work in puppet animation) is able to enchant in isolation from the picture.

Foo Fighters “Fraggle Rock Rock”

The reboot of the children’s show, which aired on American TV from 1983 to 1987, was not without special guests. Dave Grohl was already in full swing in the punk band Scream, but without muppets and his childhood was clearly not enough, since Foo Fighters became special guests of the new show and led his soundtrack. Fraggle is assisted by other Grammy series nominees such as David Diggs (Hamilton), Cynthia Erivo and soul godmother Patti Labelle.

Lana Del Rey “Watercolor Eyes”

Extremely representative promises to be the soundtrack to the second season of “Euphoria”, where along with composing the main music for the series Labrinth will be seen at least James Blake, Tuve Lou and Lana Del Rey. Her next languid ballad became the first single in support of a future compilation, where there will surely be a place for some old songs – the benefit of the songs in “Euphoria” is two dozen of them per episode.

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“Euphoria”: an interview with the creators of the series about what it’s like to be young and addicted in 2019

“Euphoria”: an interview with the creators of the series about what it’s like to be young and addicted in 2019


Paul McCartney and Wings “Let Me Roll It” (“Licorice Pizza”)

Paul Thomas Anderson’s new, as usual, excellent film did not answer the question of what licorice pizza is, but Google helped us: it turns out to be the slang name for a vinyl record. It was also the name of a chain of music stores in California in the 1970s, which the PTA recalls in “Licorice Pizza”, where whatever the scene, it is a spectacular needle drop. The best of them is one of the main songs of the solo Sir Paul, which perfectly accompanies the touching turmoil between 15-year-old Gary (son of Philip Seymour Hoffman Cooper) and 25-year-old Alana (Alana Haim of Haim).


Oscar nominees Billy Isle, Beyonce and Johnny Greenwood

Neither Alana Chaim nor, to think about it, Lady Gaga was among the Oscar nominees in the category of “Best Actress”, but without pop and rock stars at the 94th Academy Awards, of course, will not do. Billy Isle (“No Time to Die”) will try not to lose the long-predicted Oscar song to Van Morrison (“Belfast”), Beyonce (“King Richard”), the ubiquitous Diane Warren (drama about addiction, which no one watched) and Lin-Manuel Miranda (Encanto).

The latter would have a much better chance of winning the coveted EGOT (full set of “Emmy”, “Grammy”, “Oscar”, “Oscar” and “Tony”), if the Oscar nominee from “Encanto” is not the Spanish ballad “Dos Oruguitas”, but a breaking record for record super hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. But what came out, came out, and Ailish and Finneas remain the undisputed favorites of their category, while in the neighboring – composer – is expected to fight Hans Zimmer (“Dune”) and Johnny Greenwood (“Dog Power”).

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Timeout. Half an hour with Hans Zimmer

Timeout. Half an hour with Hans Zimmer

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