The best hairstyles and makeup for the “Oscar-2022”

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Many stars this year preferred the classics: there were no provocative experiments and bright colors on the red carpet. Celebrities chose to focus on simple elements: neat arrows on the eyelids, light “smokes” and red shades on the lips. Browse the gallery with the best celebrity outings:

Nicole Kidman, 54, also decided not to experiment and rely on it on the image tested for years. Bright red lipstick, which gives the image aristocracy, and neat eye makeup make the image of the celebrity sophisticated and perfect. The make-up was complemented by a careless tuft with strands falling out of the hair on the face.

Other stars also preferred red lipstick in its various shades. For example, Maggie Gyllenhaal chose a rich wine color for her lips, and Tracy Ellis Ross and Rosie Perez chose shades of lipstick almost to match the dresses.

Kristen Stewart preferred the usual make-up with an emphasis on the eyes. Deliberately careless styling successfully complemented the image of the rebel, which the actress is trying to follow lately.

Some stars have chosen to choose a romantic make-up for the red carpet in gentle tones. The images of Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain (this year’s winner in the nomination “Best Actress”), Lily James and Maddie Ziegler were successful.

Zendaya and Maria Menunos were noted for their bright and slightly rebellious images. The first chose makeup with silver shadows for the ceremony, and the second chose to add a little brightness to the makeup with the help of green arrows.

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