The best airport images of Wee from BTS

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It is known that a member of the group BTS youhe is Kim Taehyun, is one of the most beautiful men in the world and is also a fashionista. A Singularity singer can create any image. Comfortable or elegant, casual or formal – whatever he wears, all eyes will be on him.

Whether it’s an awards ceremony, a press conference or just an airport, this person always looks stylish. Take a look at the moments when he managed to impress everyone with his fashion in travel. Take a look at how Wee turns the airport into her personal podium:

1. A strong start! This turtleneck and long jacket win.

2. Such an exquisite image! He claims the award “The youngest and most successful CEO of the year”.

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3. There are so many details, but special attention is drawn to his bag of his own design and curly hair.

4. Probably everyone remembers how Wee came out, bouncing and dancing, and making everyone laugh.

5. Loose sweater and baggy pants; ideal for travel.

6. He is very fond of printed shirts. Simple and stylish!

7. It is obvious that Tae was returning from a trip to Hawaii.

8. The image “straight from the anime”.

9. Many people loved this simple but very elegant image!

10. These suspenders are very good for him. Wee knows how to take the simplest clothes to the next level.

11. Vante after writing a masterpiece.

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