The beard shone with shapes in a fashionable bikini, lengthening the legs

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The TV presenter shared random shots from the holiday, delighting fans.

Ksenia Borodina. Photo:

Ksenia Borodina has been working on television for many years. She became famous thanks to the show “House-2”. It is noteworthy that Ksenia loves to relax in luxury resorts. She usually takes her daughters to the sea at least twice a year.

Not so long ago, the TV presenter spent time in the Maldives. This was her second vacation this year. But she decided to have fun with her friends while the children study at school.

After the divorce from Kurban Omarov, the TV presenter never ceases to amaze fans. She was able to lose weight. Now Ksenia more and more often wears niconic outfitsemphasizing her femininity.

And although she has already returned home, the TV presenter shared random shots from vacation. Beard was filmed right in the ocean. The camera captured her underwater in a fashionable Tiffany mini-bikini. Thanks to the high-rise panties, her legs looked even longer.

Ksenia was without makeup and styling. She did not hide her sharpened forms. The TV presenter showed a luxurious cleavage and flat stomach.

Fans admired what the star looked like. Many showered her with compliments. “Yes, compare you 10 years ago and now… The difference is huge”, “You have a luxurious figure”, “How beautiful”, “Xenia, well, you’re just a bomb”, “Bikini fits perfectly”, “From such a perspective that ah “,” Discouraged us “,” Smile disarms “,” It’s beautiful “, – began to write users of the Web.

Ksenia Borodina. Photo:

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