“The Bachelor”, season 9, issue 8: Dimash gave the final rose to Sasha, but that’s not what you thought

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04:29, 01.05.2022

One of the brightest participants of the show left the project.

Many have noted that in the last two issues show the emphasis was on He was smoking and his dates. Fans of the project have already missed the second bachelor and his “excessive tactility”, because Sasha became more restrained and less determined. Too many girls initially appealed to him, so now it’s hard to figure out who the bachelor really likes.

Frame from the show “The Bachelor”, season 9, 8 issue

Several issues in a row of the show started with a competition, but not this time. The audience witnessed a boring conversation between bachelors who decided to play tennis and discuss the girls and their behavior.

Then we were shown a date Sasha and Julia Golygina. The girl’s old dream came true, she was able to ride a horse. Julia noted that on the date Sasha just hugged her, he was as restrained as possible, although it was clear from his eyes and smile that he wanted much more. In fact, Sasha was afraid. Yulia Galygina seemed very vulnerable to him, if he had to say goodbye to her, he would hurt the girl with this act. At the same time Jan Sapet he does not consider it vulnerable, perhaps because this girl has experience in the form of marriage.

Frame from the show “The Bachelor”, season 9, 8 issue

The day ended with a party. Participants decided to try a few games for a large company – first to fight in the “crocodile” and then in “I never” (a game in which everyone who has ever tried the action claimed by an active player, should drink a glass as a confession) . “I’ve never had threesome sex,” said C.that Solmanidine. Dimash and Sasha drank in front of the amazed girls.

Sasha’s tete-a-tete happened to Marina Khripina. And again Sasha did not know how to behave and again considered her very vulnerable. Sofia Matsuleva also went to talk to Dimash. Dimash brought piñatas and a stick on a date so that Sofia could let off steam. As a result, the short conversation turned into an hour-long conversation. The Kazakh businessman in particular learned that everyone already knows how he kissed Sofia on the last date. “I will not accept a rose if you kiss someone,” the girl said. Dimash reminded Sonya of her kiss with Sasha.

Frame from the show “The Bachelor”, season 9, 8 issue

Meanwhile, the girls were worried about why Sonya and Dimash were gone for so long. One of the piñatas was filled with chocolates – Matsuleva was happy with the prey. Dimash offered to treat the other participants with chocolates, but Sofia said that she would not share with anyone, “neither chocolates, nor sweets, nor a man.” Solmanidin was infuriated by the hour-long absence of his girlfriend and the chosen one.

But Sasha had hot kisses with Yana Sapeta. They disappeared from view for literally a few minutes. Yana admitted that she was looking forward to this meeting. Arina noted that after Sasha and Yana returned, the girl did not have lipstick on her lips, which she did not fail to ask loudly.

The host of the show Mikhail Belyanin invited the favorites – Jan Sapet and Sofia Solmanidina – to the next issue of the podcast. Yana noted that she is constantly jealous of Sasha because of his tactility… But Sofia was just annoyed: “All the other girls are the background, there is me and Dimash, but everything has changed since the last party …”. She clearly did not expect the bachelor to spend an hour with Matsuleva and they would return with such burning eyes.

Frame from the show “The Bachelor”, season 9, 8 issue

Finally, the rose ceremony took place. It’s getting harder for bachelors to make choices. The Kazakh millionaire called for a conversation Julia Khomich and immediately sent her home. “I probably didn’t get close enough to be in pain,” Julia said in the car. “In this situation, I found no reason to stay,” – said the businessman justified his decision. And here is the final rose. Dimash surprised everyone by saying: “I want to give this rose to Sasha”, because, in his opinion, it is Sasha, not Dimash, who should give the rose Alena. Dimash noted that he always pays off debts, and once Sasha was scheduled to meet with Alena, which never happened, because at that moment Dimash went on his date. The fact that Alena stayed in the project was most pleased with her neighbor, Arina Peverten“Alena doesn’t snore,” the girl explained …

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