“The Bachelor” 9 season 4 issue: Sasha kisses on dates and looks like a real macho, Dimash loses to him on all fronts

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01:17, 03.04.2022

In the fourth issue, the number of alcohol gatherings went beyond scale.

On April 2, we once again met with bachelors and girls Season 9. This time the show aired at 11 p.m. As we tried to explain in the announcement of the release, the project is selected to the equator and gets hot. This season, not only girls, but also boys have a lot of tasks: to attract attention, to meet. At the beginning of the release we saw a rodeo: a competition between bachelors. The girls were delighted to see bachelors in cowboy hats, in a casual style. Noted that Sachet this image goes much further than that Dimashu. The guys competed with each other for the right to arrange a date. Before the competition, the audience learned about the numerous injuries of the Kazakh Bachelor: Dimash had 7 dislocations of one shoulder, 5 dislocations of the other. Because of them, the businessman could hold on to the bull with only one hand. Sasha decided to support the opponent and also held the bull with only one hand. The girls noted that in the first round Sasha looked incredibly sexy, this pace for the guy was like “drinking coffee”. As a result, the Moscow businessman lasted all three rounds. His youthful prowess became a worthy counterbalance to Dimash’s charming smile and tight purse. The Kazakh businessman also sat on the bull for three rounds, but Dimash could see what an incredible effort it cost him. In the final round, Sasha was 6 seconds ahead of the opponent. As a result, he received the right to invite him on a date Jan Sapet.

Frame from the show “The Bachelor” season 9

But Dimash wasted no time and arranged a party for the girls. Arina Pereverten compared Dimash with Chuck Bass from “Gossip Girl”, emphasizing that he is very intelligent and courteous. The businessman decided to increase the degree and treated the girls to Mexican alcoholic beverages. The young man liked to communicate with Lisa Kay, because only with her he can speak English fluently. We will remind, the Kazakh businessman knows Russian not so well. The girls could not hide their envy of Lisa, who was making a romantic promenade on the pier with Dimash. Lisa walked barefoot, in a white, fluttering dress, and looked like a bride.

And here Julia Golygina, who has always sympathized with Sasha, decided to take a walk with the second bachelor and announce to him that he is in a friend zone for her. At the end of the evening, the girls relaxed so much that they talked with their mouths full, laughed out loud, and ate everything on the table with astonishing speed. However, Lisa Kay noted that the party with Sasha was more fun and sincere, because Dimash does not take off his mask and tries to please everyone.

“The Bachelor” 9 season 4 issue: announcement of the series

The next day she was unexpectedly on a date with Sasha Tahmina. The dim light, the bar, and Sasha as the charming bartender were all reminiscent of a Hollywood movie. Taha decided to surprise the Bachelor with her signature cocktail. They came up with three drinks that night and were able to cheer themselves up. Taha could feel Sasha being drawn to her, but he was holding back. The guy carefully examined the girl’s hands, studying all her tattoos. Tahmina was surprised that Sasha likes to listen to music on vinyl, together they played jazz records on the gramophone. It was later revealed that the gramophone was a gift from Tahe. During the slow dance, the first kiss didn’t take long. At the end of the evening, the young people kissed passionately, and Sasha presented the girl with a black rose. The bachelor explained his gesture by saying that Tahmina deserves special attention. After the meeting, Taha noted that Sasha was assertive and behaved quite differently than in previous meetings.

Frame from the show “The Bachelor” season 9

The next day Sasha had a romantic date with Yana. Sasha handed the girl a mug of green tea (by the way, the participant prefers only this drink), which was written “Yana finally”. Young people went swimming. They were not embarrassed by the fact that the water was very cold. After swimming, Sasha and Yana had a small picnic on the beach and decided to make a bet. Yana had to guess in which hand Sasha had the stone (actually the Bachelor was cheating, he threw the stone away, it was empty in both hands), but since she didn’t guess, the two young men jumped into the water together. In the finale of the date, Jan received a rose and a kiss followed again.

Frame from the show “The Bachelor” season 9

During the rose ceremony, Arina Pereverten gave the rose to Dimash, but challenged him. She asked to be invited to the next one. Lisa Kay also gave the rose to Dimash and exchanged a few phrases with him in French. At the end of the rose ceremony, the show left Elvina Garaeva (she was very happy about this fact, because she missed her daughter very much) and Daria Khromochkina.

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