the baby danced under Eminem and conquered the Internet with her positivity. Ridus

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Children are an endless source of positive emotions. With their spontaneity and purity, they knock even the most emotionless adults off their feet. It’s especially fun to watch kids repeat dance moves for their parents or dancers from music videos on TV.

Young mother Caitlin Hunter, who runs her social media under the nickname @ caitlynhunter578, once witnessed her little daughter light up for Eminem’s unforgettable hit “Without Me”. The girl was amazed at how happy her daughter was to break away, and she could not deny herself the pleasure of filming what was happening.

True, the secrecy could not be maintained, but the girl’s reaction won everyone and everyone who saw the video in the recommendations.

The baby’s dancing and her reaction to her mother, who filmed her, simply captivated viewers on social media. At the time of writing, the video has spread to various entertainment audiences and received more than 70 million views in just one of them. Almost five million people left a video like, and in the comments – continuous compliments to the girl about her movements and musical tastes.

“When my daughter is born, I want her to be just as excited about the music of my childhood.”

“I like that she wasn’t even embarrassed! Here it is, the right approach to raising children, because we should not be ashamed of our impulses and emotions. “

“How she smiled at her mother! Just a tangle of charm! ”

“I want to dance with this little one under Eminem and get high, but that’s not all.”

“This girl dances better than some tickers, let her grow big.”

Are you ashamed of your musical tastes?

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