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Studio Mundfish summed up the interim results of work on an ambitious shooter Atomic Heart. For the first time we are talking about the game heard in 2018, and the developers have been working on it for five years. During this period, the team increased to 120 people.
Approximately calculations, during these five years the team worked 22 working days a month and 8 hours a day. If you take the average number of 60 developers, it gives a huge amount of time spent on development.
This gives a total of 633,600 hours – Six hundred and thirty-three thousand hours of game development. Which gives the output a few dozen hours of gameplay. Just a few dozen hours in five years.

There is only one conclusion. Games are an art!


The developers also estimated that on a working day at 16 o’clock, this number would double. However, the audience was not particularly sympathetic to the crunches, and this topic was not developed.

At the same time, the studio published a new one screenshot, in which we see the protagonist, KGB Major S.A. Nechaev with the call sign P-3. The specialist in special assignments and the settlement of difficult situations wears a polymer glove. This invention helps to absorb new polymers and has experimental combat functions.

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