The author of the books on which “Killing Eve” was filmed criticized the finale of the series

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The author of “Killing Eve” Luke Jennings criticized the finale of the series for “worship of conventions.” He quotes his words NME. The final, fourth season of the project has recently been released. Be careful, there will be spoilers next.

Jennings, who wrote “The Code Name Villanel” in 2017, says that Villanel’s death in the finale supports the tradition of the impossibility of their relationship.

The end of the fourth season was a homage to conventions. Punishing Villanel and Eva for the bloody, erotically motivated chaos they caused. A truly subversive storyline would challenge a stereotype.

Luke Jennings

At the same time, the writer promised that Villanelle would “return” in his new book. Since the original collection of short stories, the author has written two sequels: “Killing Eve: No Tomorrow” and “Killing Eve: Die for Me” in 2020.

Earlier, the media reported that after the finale of “Killing Eve”, an additional series dedicated to the early life of MI6 spy Carolyn Mertens is under development.

Photo: frame from the movie “Killing Eve”

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