The author of the book “Cute Bones” apologized to a man convicted of raping her

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American writer Alice Seabold, author of “Cute Bones”, apologized to a man who served 16 years for raping her. In November, the court reconsidered his case and decidedthat Anthony Broadwater was unjustly convicted: there was insufficient evidence of his guilt.

“What I regret most is that the life you could have lived was unjustly taken away from you. I know that no apology can change what happened to you. Of the many things I wish you, I hope that you and your family will have time and solitude to heal. ” it is said in the statement of the writer.

Seabold was raped in 1981, when she was an 18-year-old student at Syracuse University in New York. A few months after the attack, she saw a black man on the street who reminded her of a rapist, and the woman called police. Police detained Broadwater, but the writer could not identify him at the station and pointed to another man. Despite this, Broadwater was still arrested, tried and found guilty – based on Seabold’s testimony in court and hair analysis. She wrote her first book, Happy, based on this traumatic experience.

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The man spent in prison from 1982 to 1998. After his release, he was included in the register of perpetrators of sexual offenses. In November 2021, 61-year-old Broadwater was rehabilitated: a retrial showed that he had been convicted on the basis of insufficient evidence.

Seabold noted that the identity of her rapist, apparently, will never be revealed and he will not suffer any punishment. She stressed that in 1982 her goal was “justice, not injustice and not the desire to permanently and irrevocably change the life of a young man with a crime that changed her own.”

Broadwater published through lawyers his statement. It says the man was “glad she apologized.”

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