the author of “Sex in the big city” is disappointed with the restart of the series

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Candace Bushnell spoke about the distortion of the main character.

After “Sex in the Big City” was continued through the series “And Just Like That”, there was a lot of hype, ranging from fans’ dissatisfaction with the change in caste, ending with a sex scandal with Chris Nott. But it did not have time to calm down, as there was another bad reason to remember the project.

The day before, writer Candace Bushnell gave an interview to the publication The New Yorker, in which she expressed her indignation at what was happening in the restart of “Sex in the Big City”. The fact is that the prototypes of the heroes of the book on which the legendary series was made, became close to Bushnell, as well as herself.

Candace embodied herself in the image of Carrie Bradshaw, but the writer found it difficult to come to terms with the version of the heroine, which was presented in the reboot. When asked if she sees herself in the character, she did not hide the sad truth.

“It simply came to our notice then. I mean, Carrie Bradshaw ended up being a weird woman who married a very rich guy. And this is not my story, and not the story of my friends. Television has its own logic, ”the star condescendingly summed up.

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