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the astrologer named the most stingy signs of the Zodiac

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Taurus men find it difficult to part with their money

When planning your future married life, you should make sure that your chosen one is not among the most greedy signs of the Zodiac.

Stingy, how few

Astrologer Irina Andreeva advises all young men and women not to rush into a relationship with a new acquaintance. After all, a person may not suit you at all, not only in temperament, habits, but also in relation to money. If you want to receive from your loved one (or beloved) pleasant and worthwhile (in all senses) gifts, as well as to live without knowing troubles, specify the date of birth of the applicant for the hand and heart.

It turns out that there are three signs of the Zodiac that endow people with incredible avarice. They say about them that you can’t ask for snow in winter.

Not evil, but just greedy

  • Capricorns. Women and men born under this sign have a special attitude towards money and wealth in general. They not only adore chubby wallets filled with rubles and other currencies, but they dream that this happiness in their lives will last indefinitely. Therefore, Capricorns are very difficult to part with savings. Even a wife or husband does not want to be paid without prior detailed clarification as to why it should be done. Alas, Capricorns will not be able to hide from others their love for money and envy of their owners (who has a higher bill, higher house, etc.). This can be seen in the eyes, actions and comments addressed to more fortunate (or hard-working) acquaintances.

  • Tauruses. Starting a relationship with a Taurus man, it will be useful to start a diary of expenses. Both your personal and those funded by a loved one. The fact is that in his notebook, these details will be accurately reflected. Therefore, when love passes or you offend Taurus, he will remind you of everything in the smallest detail: how sweet it was to eat in the best restaurants, go to expensive resorts and receive expensive gifts. And will demand to return “debt”. However, if you are sure that your love is endless, you can try to build a family and even a joint business with him. Only then do not say that we did not warn.

  • Virgo. Representatives of this sign know how to value money and earn it. But they are rarely really rich – with millions in bank accounts and cool foreign cars in the garage. It is too troublesome to work hard and support a family. Therefore, Virgos often offer their family to live deliberately modest: not to buy too much, to rest in Russian resorts or in the country. By the way, in most cases, the cause of Divorce divorces is their stinginess, taken to extremes: they are able to refuse small pleasures, such as ice cream or a glass of juice on a walk, even beloved children.

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