The art of management: how one company supports the sporting spirit of the whole region NGS24

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The design and construction of sports complexes is just the beginning of their life cycle. The health of arenas, skating rinks and football fields requires not only timely maintenance, but automation of internal business processes.

What does the RCCS do?

The management company is responsible for the integrated management of facilities, which includes both maintenance and centralized loading.

Each sports facility is a complex of unique engineering developments. For example, MSK “Arena. North ”is equipped with the technology of transforming the ice cover into a basketball floor, which does not require the firebox of the ice itself. And “Crystal Arena” in its technical arsenal has ultra-precise sensors that detect the slightest vibrations of the building during earthquakes – this is especially important for the safety of guests of the arena, as the Krasnoyarsk Territory is located in a seismically unstable zone.

RCCS deals with six objects: Lokomotiv Insurance Company, Crystal Arena LD, Arena LD. North “, MSC” Biathlon Academy “, FSC” Nadezhda “(Sosnovoborsk) and the Center for Active Recreation and Sports” Salanga “in the Kemerovo region.

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