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Do you like chopping firewood?
A clear effort and a quick result – this is so lacking in all this fun life. Pleasant load, a burst of aggression in the blow and here is this sound, with which the stubborn knotty chock finally splits…

It always splits. Rule without exceptions. Because the ax is stupid. And heavy. And I’m calm and even a little indifferent. Because I know: it will split. The right shot in the right place. Time and time again. And the pleasure of the movement itself. The axle is made of ordinary steel, it does not need to be made of D2 or ELMAX.

It does not need to be sharp, sharpness is a function of the saw. And the mission of the ax is to be stupid, heavy and have impeccable intention. Expressed in simple action. And the chock will split. It always splits. Rule without exceptions.

After all, there are no strategic sessions and in-depth interviews, no SWOT analyzes and matrices are drawn, God forbid, Eisenhower. There are things you just need to do stupidly. With pleasure.

This is an art available to few – to be consciously stupid. The art of taking off a strategist’s suit and putting on a maker’s overalls. The internal strategist sawed and picked up the chocks, now the internal operative with pleasure stabs them.

In the evening he changed his clothes, looked at the fruits of his labor with the eyes of a strategist. Sharpened the saw. And the ax is stupid. And he always achieves his goal.

That’s why I like to chop wood.

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