The armored personnel carrier of “Ukrainian saboteurs” shown on TV turned out to be Russian

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In the story of the “First Channel” of February 21 about the alleged sabotage of Ukraine on the border with Russia and liquidation Ukrainian BTR-70M as a destroyed combat vehicle was shown its Russian modification.

Such a model of armored personnel carrier is not in the service of the Ukrainian army, claims Oryx Investigation Team. According to her, before the shooting, the armored personnel carrier “was painted in an attempt to make it look like a Ukrainian.”

On Monday, the FSB of Russia published footage from the scene of the destruction of two, as mentioned, Ukrainian armored personnel carriers, which allegedly violated the border with Russia near the village of Mityakinskaya in the Rostov region. In addition to combat vehicles, according to the special services, five Ukrainian “saboteurs” were eliminated. No other details were given.

The footage was used by the Russian federal media as evidence of hostilities by the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian authorities categorically deny this information.

“Ukraine did not attack Donetsk and Luhansk, did not send saboteurs or armored personnel carriers across the border, did not fire on Russian territory or checkpoints on the border, did not commit sabotage and does not plan such actions. I demand that Russia stop the fake factory immediately,” he said. Dmitry Kuleba.

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