the appetites of the scandalous Meladze outraged his colleague

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The famous singer expressed dissatisfaction with the singer’s rider.

It recently became clear that Valery Meladze, after all agree to perform in Russia. He is ready to take the stage both in front of ordinary fans and at a private party.

However, wherever the performer appears, it is important for him that the reception is at the highest level. The brand new Mercedes and 12-year-old whiskey are the conditions Meladze agrees to.

Such ambitious requests outraged Olga Kormukhina. The singer said that she could also have a rider no worse than Meladze, but for this she would have to perform the appropriate songs.

“The guys are going to continue working and offer it all to the Russian oligarchs. I generally want to know: are Russian oligarchs Russian at all? If I wanted to have big riders, I would probably sing other songs. No less successful than Meladze. But I’m talking about something else on this earth, “she said in an interview with the portal

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