The agency apologized for the inappropriate use of a gift from a fan

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The 10cm singer’s agency apologized for using the fan’s gift as an ashtray.

On March 10, Magic Strawberry Sound digged an official apology for using a disposable cup donated by a 10cm fan in honor of his birthday as an ashtray.

The following is an official apology from Magic Strawberry Sound:

«Hello, this is Magic Strawberry Sound.

First of all, we sincerely apologize for disappointing the fans who send 10cm a lot of love.

Last week, in honor of the 10cm birthday, disposable cups prepared by fans were handed over to company staff, artists and visitors who use the lounge in the office so they can drink from them.

However, the glasses were misused, and realizing the seriousness of our mistake, we thought about it and decided to issue an official apology. We apologize for not being polite to both the artist and the fans.

In addition, we apologized to the fan who produced and presented them, via personal direct message. Our company and staff will be careful to ensure that such incidents never happen again.

We will be more careful and make more efforts to support the activities of nof other artists.

We apologize again for bothering you.

Thank you.»

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