The adopted son of the participants, Die Antwoord, accused them of physical and sexual violence

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Gabriel du Prez, also known as Tocki, accused Watkin Jones and Henri du Tua of foster parents, members of the South African electronic group Die Antwoord, of physical and sexual violence. His words transmits NME.

The publication points out that du Prez is 20 years old, he does not live with adoptive parents and he has a rare skin disease – hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia. It causes malformations of the skin, hair, teeth and sweat glands. The young man said: “They made me believe that I was the devil. They made me believe that I could burn people in hell, that I was the ruler of hell. They told me that I could bring darkness to the world. “

Du Prez said his foster parents forced him and his sister Sistine, now 14, to undress every time they bought them new clothes. According to him, if they refused, they were punished.

He also stated that when he was 13, du Tua invited him to her room and asked him to spend time with her naked. She was vomiting, she was drunk, added du Pres.

The young man said that his sister no longer wanted to visit Jones and du Tois, because every time it happened, they asked her to undress. He pointed out that last December, Jones invited her to the sauna and wanted her to undress, like everyone else. Du Prez said: “She is so small. <…> It seems to me quite perverted that Ninja [псевдоним Джонса] wants to do with my sister. “

Du Prez also reported that he stabbed his older brother three times, whose name NME does not cite. He needed the help of doctors. According to du Prez, foster parents said he “did a good job.” “I did not know that you would become a man. It’s so unexpected that you stabbed your brother, it’s amazing, ”du Prez said of one of the parents, but did not say which one.

A spokesman for the group denied the allegations. “Die Antwoord does not agree with Tokki’s statements,” said Skumek Sabotka, an agent of the group.

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