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Belarusian actress Inna Kolyada told about how she got to the hospital after beating her ex-boyfriend during the program “Stars Met”. The recording of the transfer is published on site NTV.

The star of the film “Stilyagi” was subjected to domestic violence by 32-year-old Alexander Ryabyshev a few months ago. She told him that she may be pregnant, and the man in a state of intoxication reacted inadequately to these words and slapped the actress.

“The man’s eyes changed, he beat me with his hands and feet. He took me by the hair and hit my head against the wall, he kicked me in the stomach. I ran around the apartment, he caught up with me and kept beating me. At one point, I ran to the porch, and he continued to beat me there, “Kolyada recalled.

Later she called Ryabyshev’s mother. She came and helped the actress make up bruises, but asked her not to seek medical help and offered to sleep. As a result, the actress still turned to doctors and the police. Ryabyshev also filed a complaint against her, claiming that the actress had beaten him while he was sleeping.

In December 2021 reportedthat Kolyada was beaten. She was diagnosed with a closed head injury, concussion, multiple bruises, subcutaneous hematomas of the head, face, chest, upper and lower extremities.

Inna Kolyada is known for the films “Stilyagi”, “Believe me, everything will be fine”, “Handsome Man and the Monster”. She also starred in TV series: “Thaw”, “City Spies”, “Vangelia” and others.

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