the actress from “Kitchen” gave birth to her first child

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27-year-old Maria Ulyanova admitted that she has been walking in a new status for several days.

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Actress Maria Ulyanova told that she gave birth to a child a few days ago.

The star of the series “Kitchen” remembered how her pregnancy went.

“The man came on February 22, 2022 and chose the date himself. This time was wonderful, I did not have toxicosis, we traveled a lot, even for the birth itself went to the heat in Turkey, before all the events. By the way, I was already in a position at Fort Boyard, but, of course, no one knew about it, “Maria admitted.

Ulyanova named the reasons why her pregnancy went smoothly.

“Why is it so easy? The key to an easy pregnancy: a psychologist, sports and healthy eating. I ran until I was six months old, then I just did sports and yoga until the last day. I want to tell you so much, to those who doubt, think that this is a difficult time or childbirth is hell. All this is not so much in my head. I wanted to tell a lot in other circumstances… “, – said the actress in a personal microblog.

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