The action movie “Morbius” shocked Marvel fans for a long time

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Morbius Marvel
Morbius Marvel

The duration of the new superhero action movie “Morbius” based on comics Marvel revealed online and shocked all fans.

New information about the upcoming movie “Morbius” (Morbius) based on Marvel comics has appeared online. Well-known insider Amit Chaudhari said that he learned from his own sources the duration of the upcoming militant. According to him, the duration of “Morbius” is 1 hour 44 minutes. The new figures are slightly different from the previous leak. It was then claimed that the duration of the militant would be 1 hour 48 minutes. Fans of Marvel movies were shocked by this information.

Fans of comics began to express different opinions about the duration of “Morbius”. Some believe that the action movie about the grim antihero should last much longer. This is necessary for a greater immersion of viewers in the world of a living vampire, as well as for a fuller disclosure of the tragedy of a man who became a monster. Other Marvel fans are happy that the militants are increasingly trying to fit in an hour and a half format. For an interesting fighter, they believe, this is enough not to lose pace. Some fans of comics also worry that such a duration indicates the absence of Spider-Man Toby Maguire (Tobey Maguire) or other guest characters.

The film “Morbius” will be released on March 30, 2022. The role of the vampire Morbius was played by Jared Leto. According to the plot, he is looking for ways to cure a terrible disease. He decides on a dangerous experiment and turns into a vampire. In one of the trailers of the movie “Morbius”, fans saw a poster with Spider-Man dressed as Toby Maguire. They hope that a superhero will appear in this action movie. In addition, one of the key characters was played by Michael Keaton (Michael Keaton), who in the Marvel movie universe was an enemy of Spider named Vulture. Some fans believe that the events take place in one of the realities of the multiverse.

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