the ABBA soloist got into trouble

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The musician and his wife made a joint statement.

ABBA soloist Bjorn Ulveus has come out with the sad news that he is divorcing his wife Lena Callersio. The couple lived in marriage for 41 years, but still decided to separate.

The 76-year-old musician and his 73-year-old wife said in a joint statement that they no longer want to go one way.

“We remain close friends and will continue to celebrate our grandchildren’s birthdays and other family holidays together,” the portal quotes the couple. HuffPost UK.

It is said that the reason for the divorce was jealousy. Ulveus returned to work at ABBA, reuniting with his ex-wife Agneta Feltskog. Last year, 40 years later, the band delighted fans with an album.

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