The 39-year-old Borodina boasted a chiseled figure in a bikini, condemning obese people

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The TV presenter does not hide that she makes an effort to look good.

Ksenia Borodina. Photo: Global Look Press

Ksenia Borodina is a famous TV presenter. She has been leading the House 2 show since its inception. For more than 15 years of work on television, she gained fame. Ksenia also does not hide that she earns well.

She travels regularly and brags branded outfits. The secular lioness experienced a divorce from Kurban Omarov last year. After that, she lost weight and became go out more often.

The day before, Borodin visited the theater, and now he is at home because he does not feel well. But that didn’t stop her from talking to fans. Many admired how she looks at 39 years old.

The TV presenter herself published a photo in which she boasted of sharpened shapes in a two-tone swimsuit. Ksenia shone with an elastic press. She admitted that she not only monitors nutrition, but also goes in for sports.

According to Borodina, the genes also did their job. But at the same time she condemned obese people.

“I always notice that overweight people feed their children, just stuff them with food and turn them into people like them. Cook incorrectly! Everything is fat for them! Liters of oil! Everything is greasy, ”the star said.

Ksenia Borodina. Photo: social networks of the TV presenter

Fans repeatedly showered her with compliments. This time her figure struck them again. “Well, gorgeous”, “You can see that you work a lot”, “Well, sometimes the food is greasy, but delicious”, “You’re right about something”, “Eating some salads is also not fun,” “And you fed the children burgers, and nothing “, – began to write users of the Web.

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