The 2022 Cliburn Competition has announced the names of the participants

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Participants in the Sixteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

The Organizing Committee of the XVI International Van Cliburn Piano Competition, which will be held from 2 to 18 June 2022 in Fort Worth (USA, Texas), has announced the names of the participants in the 2022 competition.

Thirty participants were admitted to the competitive auditions. Among them are six Russians (Anna Genyushene, Arseniy Gusev, Elizaveta Klyuchereva, Ilya Shmukler, Vitaly Starikov, Sergei Tanin), two participants from Belarus and one from Ukraine.

Previously, the organizing committee of the Competition announcedthat will allow Russian participants to qualify for the audition.

Cliburn’s competition will allow Russian pianists to audition

Full list of participants of the Sixteenth Van Phubern International Piano Competition:

  1. Tianshui An, China, 23 years old
  2. Yangzhou Kai, China, 21 years old
  3. Albert Kano Smith, Spain / Netherlands, 25 years old
  4. Dmitry Choni, Ukraine, 28 years old
  5. Federico Gad Crema, Italy, 23 years old
  6. Anna Genyushene, Russia, 31 years old
  7. Francesco Granata, 23, Italy
  8. Arseniy Gusev, Russia, 23 years old
  9. Masaya Kamei, Japan, 20 years old
  10. Vladislav Khandogi, Belarus, 20 years old
  11. Hongi Kim, South Korea, 30 years old
  12. Elizaveta Klyuchereva, Russia, 23 years old
  13. Shuang Hearn Lee, Australia, 19 years old.
  14. Andrew Lee, USA, 22 years old
  15. Yongchang Lim, South Korea, 18 years old.
  16. Denis Linnik, Belarus, 26 years old
  17. Kate Liu, USA, 28 years old
  18. Ziu Liu, China, 24 years old
  19. Jonathan Mack, Canada, 25 years old
  20. Georgy Osokins, Latvia, 27 years old
  21. Jinhyun Pak, South Korea, 26 years old.
  22. Changyong Shin, South Korea, 28 years old.
  23. Ilya Shmukler, Russia, 27 years old
  24. Vitaly Starikov, Russia, 27 years old
  25. Clayton Stephenson, USA, 23 years old.
  26. Yutong Sun, China, 26 years old
  27. Marcel Tadokoro, France / Japan, 28 years old
  28. Sergey Tanin, 26 years old, Russia
  29. Yuki Yoshimi, Japan, 22 years old.
  30. Xiaolu Zhang, China, 22 years old

72 pianists from 22 countries were admitted to the preliminary audition. Russia was represented by 13 pianists: Ivan Bessonov, Tatiana Dorokhova, Anna GenyusheneArseniy Gusev, Maxim Kinasov, Elizaveta Klyuchereva, Alexander Klyuchko, Arseniy Moon, Ilya Shmukler, Vitaly Starikov, Sergei Tanin, Arseniy Tarasevich-Nikolaev, Anastasia Vorotnaya.

Jury members of the 2022 Competition: Marin Alsop (Chairman), Jean-Efflam Bavuze, Alessio Bucks, Rico Gulda, Andreas Hefliger, Wu Han, Stephen Hugh, Anne-Marie McDermott, Orly Shaham, Lilya Zilberstein.

The XVI International Van Cliburn Piano Competition will be held in Fort Worth from 2 to 18 June 2022. The jury will be chaired by conductor Marin Elsop. The total prize fund of the competition is 265,000 US dollars (almost doubled since the previous competition in 2017). The winner of the first prize will receive $ 100,000, the second – $ 50,000, the third – $ 25,000. In addition to the main awards, additional prizes are provided.

Among the winners of the first prize of the competition in previous years – Radu Lupu (Romania, 1966), Vladimir Viardo (USSR, 1973), Alexei Sultanov (USSR, 1989), Olga Kern (Russia) and Stanislav Yudenich (Uzbekistan) (2001), Alexander Kobrin (Russia, 2005), Vadim Kholodenko (Ukraine, 2013).

The Cliburn Competition has been held every four years since 1962.


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