The 10 best stage outfits of Chimina from BTS of all time

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Which one is your favorite?

Chimin from BTS looks amazing in everything not to wear!

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BTS Chimin | @jm / Instagram

Although Chimin looks great everywhere and in everything, some of his stage outfits are just legendary!

Here are the 10 best stage images Chimina of all time!

1. ARMI will never be fed up with “Filter”

This outfit in itself is quite amazing, but fans still have not moved away from a quick change of clothes during the performance with “Filter»!

2. You don’t understand… it’s like an addiction

It is still difficult for fans to choose a favorite among the images Chimina in «Filter»!

3. Congratulations to Prince Chimin

This image is beyond the cult!

4. “Black Swan” Chimina will always be one of the favorites ARMS

Thanks to the stylist who came up with a brilliant idea to nail Chimina in the chain!

5. Fascinating shine

The shiny details on his shirt look great!

6. It looks perfect in a paisley jacket

Fans still can’t get away from it Chimina from the era of «Blood Sweat & Tears»!

7. He looks amazing in leather pants

These pants have their own fandom!

8. This half black, half white image amazed fans

Chimin handled it so well!

9. His tied shirt beautifully dilutes this completely snow-white image

Monochrome Chimin inspires ARMI like no other!

10. This green suit is a dump of everything

ARMI likes how his pink tie adds bright colors!

And what is your favorite image? Share in the comments!

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