that’s why Kerem Bursin really broke up with Hande Erchel

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The actor was upset that he was not invited to the family celebration.

Kerem Bursin and Hande Erchel refuse to comment on the reason for their breakup. This prompted fans of the once beautiful couple to conduct their own investigations. And here are new guesses.

So, Internet users, browsing the social networks of the actress, found a publication that shed light on the parting of the stars of the series “Knock on my door.” In January, Hande celebrated her sister’s birthday, but did not invite her lover to a family holiday.

Bursin did not remain silent and wrote under the photo from the party that Erchel left on her blog: “You always exclude me. I love this family. ” However, the actress did not respond to the pitiful comment of her chosen one. And this, according to fans, humiliated him even more.

As a result, many came to the conclusion that it was this misunderstanding that led to Bursin breaking up with Erchel.

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