that’s who was hiding under the guise of Gradsky

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Even as a teenager, the artist changed his life.

Alexander Gradsky lived most of his life under a pseudonym dedicated to his mother. The musician changed his last name at the age of 14.

Throughout his childhood, the young Gradsky was very close to his mother Tamara Gradskaya, who graduated from GITIS, was a great lover of art and worked for the newspaper “Theatrical Life”. According to the media, it was she who started the development of her son’s musical talent. However, when the boy was 14 years old, she died, which was a big blow and left an indelible mark on the life of the composer. Due to the tragic event, Alexander almost immediately changed the name of his father Fradkin and became Gradsky, to perpetuate the memory of his mother forever.

The artist himself tried not to mention this chapter of his life. In numerous interviews, he did not touch on this topic and only admitted it a few times.

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