That’s who our Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska is! What German mother Meryem Userli looked like in her youth

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The actress from the Turkish TV series “Magnificent Century” shared a rare photo of her parent.

Meryem Userli. Photo: frame from the TV series “Magnificent Century”

Mom of the actress from the Turkish TV series “Magnificent Century” of German origin. Father Meryem Userli – Turk. For example, Halita Ergença’s partner grew up in a family with a diverse culture. According to Meryem, at home his father always spoke to them in Turkish. However, when Userley was casting in The Magnificent Century, she still had to hone her language skills to hone her pronunciation.

We can say that the role of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska Sultan has become a landmark for Meryem Userli. The actress is loved all over the world. She is a welcome guest in Russia as well. So, the star of “Magnificent Century” has repeatedly come to Moscow, where she has her own fan club. In her microblog, Meryem Userli often shares photos of loved ones. The actress has two daughters – Lara and Lily. And what does the native mother of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska Sultan look like? All details in the site material

Meryem Userli is always warm about her German mother. By the way, her name is Ursula. The star of “Magnificent Century” managed to give her two granddaughters.

“She was and is the best mother! This is unconditional love, the perfect balance between home and your own career. Always deeply loving, devoted, compassionate, putting our needs first.

I can’t thank her enough, but I can love her unconditionally. It was she who taught me this, becoming a role model. I love you so much, Mom! Be happy, ”Meryem Userli wrote in her personal microblog.

Star "Magnificent century" Meryem Userli
Meryem Userli woke up famous, playing Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska Sultan. Photo: frame from the TV series “Magnificent Century”

By the way, the actress’ mother is somewhat similar to Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska Sultan. The glow of red hair, as fans of the star of the “Magnificent Century” aptly noted. So, in her youth, Ursula could boast of a slender figure. Meryem inherited all the best from her German mother, becoming even more beautiful.

Meryem Userli's mother is Ursula
Meryem Userli’s mother is Ursula, she is German. Photo: personal archive

“Why wasn’t she invited to play the role of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska Sultan ??”, “We see more Turks than Germans!” Meryem, it seems, went to Dad! “,” The most ordinary appearance, “- wrote followers.

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