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That left Alexander Nazarov to his only granddaughter

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The star of the series “My beautiful babysitter” Alexander Nazarov Until the last days she worked actively: she went on stage, acted in movies. She needed to provide an inheritance for her only granddaughter. Once she took Sasha from the baby’s house, they lived together for ten years.

After the death of the actress, Sasha’s guardians were the sister of the actress’ second husband Yuri Mikhailov and niece Nadezhda. Now Sasha is 13 years old, she is studying in a cadet boarding school. Nazarova left her a rich legacy.

“All the apartments that were bequeathed to Sasha are standing, waiting for the hostess. Nobody lives there, they are not rented out. Only the guardians come, make sure that everything is in order, that nothing happens to the plumbing with taps and pipes, ”he writes.

Let’s remindAlexandra Zakharova died in the summer of 2019 at the age of 79.

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