that Konchalovsky spoke of Masha’s daughter Vysotskaya

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The director does not often focus on personal topics.

Andrei Konchalovsky with Yulia Vysotskaya and daughter Masha. Photo: Global Look Press

84-year-old Andrei Konchalovsky found happiness in his fifth marriage with Julia Vysotskayawhich is much younger than him. She is only 48 years old. The couple has two children: daughter Masha and son Petya. The senior heiress of the TV presenter, who was born in 1999, will turn 23 this year. Andrei Sergeevich doesn’t talk about his relatives as often as about new projects, shootings and films that excited him. However, sometimes in a private conversation with journalists Konchalovsky shares some details about his family.

It was especially difficult for the director’s relatives after a major accident in which Andrei Sergeyevich’s daughter Maria was injured almost 9 years ago. She was seriously injured in a car accident.

TV presenter Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky
Andrei Konchalovsky and Yulia Vysotskaya take care of their daughter Masha. Photo: Global Look Press

Only in a conversation with Vladimir Pozner as part of his author’s show on Channel One, Andrei Konchalovsky spoke almost three years ago about the purpose of his life.

“… The main philosophy: to have strength is to find a goal. Because life without purpose is pointless. My goal is for her (Masha, daughter. – Note. ed.) recovered. This is the essence of my life and Julia’s. And this faith is inexorable, “Konchalovsky said.

That terrible accident happened in France, behind the wheel of the car they rented, was the director himself, and next to him – his daughter Masha, who did not fasten his seat belt. When Andrei Sergeevich, unable to control himself, collided with an oncoming car, the girl received a severe head injury.

“Despite warnings, Masha did not fasten her seat belt… A rescue worker was nearby in one of the cars, who called a medical helicopter, which took Masha to a hospital in Marseilles,” Vysotskaya’s husband shared his painful memories.

This tragedy was a serious ordeal for the family. The couple also has a son Peter, he, by the way, is like two drops of water like his uncle Nikita Mikhalkov.

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