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The film has the same problems as the previous part, and its merits include the play of Jude Law and Mads Mikkelsen and the staging of magical battles.

“Fantastic Creatures: Dumbledore’s Secrets” at the time of writing received mixed reviews: of Metacritic the film’s rating was 47 points out of 100 with 20 reviews, of Rotten Tomatoes – 58% with 38 reviews.

The critics of Dumbledore’s Mystery were mostly criticized, which, according to journalists, turned out to be too complicated. In this regard, the film has the same problems as the previous part, “Crimes of Green de Wald” – it has too many storylines and characters, which can make it difficult for the viewer to understand what is happening.

The third “Fantastic Creatures” is the victim of the same mistakes as the second – a cumbersome film that mixes adult themes and children’s whims and which becomes even more confusing due to the fact that it has too many storylines and characters, and his the tone changes with each turn of the plot.

The Mysteries of Dumbledore are hampered by constant changes in tone, the transition from episodes with fantastic creatures to a grim storyline with the war of magicians and the approach of World War II.

For all its fascination, Dumbledore’s Mysteries is far from as good as the Potter movies. The tone of the film is unbalanced, often changing: its fantastic eccentricity encounters political intrigue in the spirit of the prequels of “Star Wars” and too harsh scenes.

The merits of the film include the play of Mads Mikkelsen, who replaced Johnny Depp as Green de Wald, and Jude Law, who returned to the role of Dumbledore.

Among the advantages are the battles of magicians – thanks to their entertainment, according to journalists, the third “Fantastic Creatures” perform their entertainment task.

Mads Mikkelsen plays thinner than Depp, his character is more insidious, and his gray eyes no longer look so bright.

Peter Bradshaw

Although some elements of “Dumbledore’s Mysteries” are not worked out as they should, the film is fun enough: it has several impressive duels of wizards and a large-scale scene with fantastic creatures, which justifies the name of the series.

Ben Travis

film critic Empire

In general, in “The Secrets of Dumbledore”, as in the entire series of “Fantastic Creatures”, according to critics, the authors can not find the right balance of themes and story lines, which makes this series weaker than the Harry Potter films.

“Fantastic Creatures: Dumbledore’s Secrets” will be released on April 15. The release of the film in Russia has been postponed indefinitely.

The problem with this franchise is that it has long traded magic for cheap tricks. Someone, get a magic wand and return this series of spells.

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