“Textbook for ticks”: in Novosibirsk, parents complained about “overdue” history books

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Parents are not satisfied with the date of publication of the book. Photo: provided by the heroine of the publication.

Parents of eighth-graders of the Novosibirsk school № 215 complained about history textbooks. Books have been given to children, but they are not taught according to them. Instead, the teacher dictates the synopsis of each lesson. It’s all about the date of publication of the book: it turned out to be old and does not correspond to the modern program. Mothers are asked to find normal books and not to torture children with cursive.


It all started when the mother of one of the schoolgirls tried to help her daughter with homework. The parent asked to bring a history textbook, and the daughter gave:

– There is a textbook, but we do not study it. He does not fit the program. We are all dictated orally. We only write abstracts.

Mom began to clarify this question with other parents in the general chat. So they came up with a problem. The teacher does not put assignments on the textbook and in the electronic diary. The textbook is old – released in 2018, and the program needs no earlier than 2019. The authors of the books are the same, but the content is different.

Other information is available on the school's website.  Photo: provided by Elizabeth

Other information is available on the school’s website. Photo: provided by Elizabeth

– I went to the school’s website, found a curriculum where it is written that children should be taught according to the textbooks of 2019. And we have a textbook for 2018. Books were published in the school library. It turns out that this point was not taken into account – it was given out for a tick, and the children are now writing the whole program in class instead of analyzing and analyzing the topic, – said Elizaveta, mother of one of the schoolgirls, KP-Novosibirsk.


The parents came to the teacher to see if the problem could be solved. The teacher said that she had already told the principal about it. At the same time, there is no heresy in the textbook – everything is in order, just historical dates are not what eighth-graders should go through according to the updated program.

Parents talked to other students. The problem was a little wider. The school has a classroom where there are not those biology textbooks. Also with the old release date.

No violations were found in the Ministry of Education.  Photo: provided by Elizabeth

No violations were found in the Ministry of Education. Photo: provided by Elizabeth

– Half of seventh-graders were given biology textbooks of the correct year of publication, and half – no. Every night they have a showdown in the general chat. Parents are asked to drop the necessary pages and assignments, – says Elizabeth. The parents began to act decisively. They wrote a collective statement to the prosecutor’s office and called the federal service for supervision in the field of education and science.

– There is no answer yet. They consider appeals within 30 days. I also sent our appeals to the Moscow branches. I hope that this will go faster, – said Elizabeth KP-Novosibirsk.


KP-Novosibirsk asked the school for comment. The director explained why the hitch occurred.

– The document says that there may be several editions of textbooks, both in 2018 and 2019. And they saw the discrepancy only when they got to the content. We have already solved this problem. On Monday we will distribute new textbooks, – Alexander Shulga, the school director, assured KP-Novosibirsk. – All this happened due to the fact that in the 2020/21 school year a new concept of history education came into force: if earlier children studied the history of Russia in the XVIII century, and general – in the XIX century, now in both directions they study the XVIII century.

According to the man, the situation is not so critical, because the textbook is not a curriculum. The latter is a document that the teacher is working on. The textbook is just a tool.

– In addition to the textbook, you can use other methods. For example, handouts, different sites, abstracts, – explains Alexander Shulga. – There is nothing wrong with the notes.


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