Terrible stress: Brezhnev can not come to his senses after what happened – DAY.RU.

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  1. Terrible stress: Brezhnev can’t come to his senses after what happenedDAY.RU
  2. “Happiness does not depend on age”: what Brezhnev said about marriage to Meladze, who remained in KievTELEPROGRAMMA.PRO
  3. Vera Brezhneva said that her family was hiding in the basements from the bombingWomanHit.ru
  4. Vera Brezhneva – fans from Russia: Ukrainians are being killed by Russian soldiers, stop the war!Life
  5. “My husband and mother are hiding in basements”: Brezhnev is afraid for his family in UkraineRADIO KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA
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