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Here I listened to the duet of Abram Rousseau and our Kristinka for the nth time on the radio last night. Well, I can’t take Christina as a singer! What kind of voice, my God …

Then suddenly at the end of the song he listened – and was surprised to find that just the most pathetic finale of the song Christina does not sing at all; whether to go out to smoke, or, on the contrary, to be engaged in fitness. Abram is there alone, together with the women’s choir.
Yes, it is, in general, correct. Why bother her in vain? Abram still does not plow.

And I remembered the impression from a strange association from another, I’m afraid, pioneer childhood. I remember there was a solemn Kremlin concert, and an international duo sang on stage: Sofia Rotaru and Karel Gott (there was such a handsome Czech singer).

The picture is before your eyes! Here the camera takes them both: Rotaru stands almost motionless, a frozen idiotic smile on his face, he opens his mouth wide – and from there pours a truly powerful, unstoppable VOICE. AT! the hand holds the microphone motionless in the face, only the mouth moves. There is an analogy with a working concrete mixer, which has a fully open drain. The same powerful, dense, dense flow …

And all this against the background of Karel Gott! The poor man in terrible convulsions literally squeezes out the MAXIMUM of sound. He is in a sweat; veins swelled on his forehead; large cramps pass through the body, he literally pushes the microphone into his throat. Right, a little more, and we can decide that a high voltage current was passed through it.

It is a pity that all his hellish torments are practically in vain; still his voice is almost inaudible …

And it was a LONG song! In my opinion, “Hello, dear father’s house …” The spectacle was truly fascinating – especially for the weak child’s perception. It seemed as if a person for some reason decided to knead concrete by hand in a race with a properly working concrete mixer, and literally dies in front of you!

But do not give up.

Yes-aaa … And you say – Christina! (2005)

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