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The temptation seems powerful. Under the cat you will see what it was like for this noble man and why he closed his eyes.
St. Anthony is an amazing, stoic figure. He was very popular with artists. Of course, because you can give free rein to the imagination and show these very temptations, mostly temptresses.

Anthony was tempted by demons, they have been painted since ancient times. Seduced, distracted by voluptuous prostitutes.

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But Anthony resisted by some miracle. It was difficult for the saint – the poor man could not live in peace – naked nymphomaniacs rushed to his feet))).
A painting from the series that Henri Priva-Livemon wrote on the theme “La tenation de Saint Antoine”.

Henri Priva-Livemon (4) .jpg

Livemon painted allegories, dancers, nude people and is best known for his Art Nouveau posters, working almost simultaneously with Alphonse Mucha.
He was the same as Mukha, a follower of the aesthetic principles of modernism.

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