Telesvaha Syabitova – about the show “Let’s get married!”

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Rosa Syabitova told about the transfer.

Hosts of the show “Let’s get married!”. Photo: First Channel

TV presenter Roza Syabitova has been running the “Let’s Get Married!” show for almost a decade and a half. And when he has not been on the air for a month, it is not surprising that the telesvaha longed for him. Filming has been suspended, and it seems that the hosts themselves are not aware of when the project will be released again.

This conclusion can be made based on a new publication by Syabitova on the Web. The host wrote in the Telegram, nostalgic for the show:

“Let’s get married” program is not only a place of my work, but also a source of good mood. While we are waiting for the program on the TV network, we offer you to enjoy archived videos and lift your spirits for the whole day. Did you miss our program? ”

Syabitova made it clear that she is also waiting for the resumption of the project. And showed an excerpt from one of the past shows.

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