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Tatiana Vasilieva said that sometimes she wishes death to the director :: Show business

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The actress spoke about the difficult relationship with the authorities

Actress Tatiana Vasilieva is known for her difficult character and straightforwardness. And she does not celebrate not only with ex-husbands. Colleagues and even superiors are often hit by celebrities.

So, the actress admitted aloud “sometimes wishes the director death” and says that he “must die now.” At the same time, she continues to work with this person.

Tatiana Vasilieva is not only straightforward, but also quite simple. The Soviet star admitted that she often rides the subway, and she is not at all embarrassed. The actress added that she would rather be ashamed to drive a branded car while her colleagues get into a simple car, or when the costume designer ties her shoelaces. According to Vasilieva, her mother taught her this attitude towards people.

At the moment, Tatiana Grigorievna is not filming, but her career continues in the theater. The actress constantly plays in performances and is excited before the premieres. The Soviet star noted that now she can’t be very nervous because of her heart, so emotions come by themselves. Vasilieva summed up that sensuality cannot be rehearsed, one can only imagine the tragic moments of one’s life to cry.

Formerly an actress told, for which she shaved bald. According to her, such a haircut makes life easier.

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